Site Overhauling

OHM Sree Manikanta Electricals is undertaking site overhauling as well as servicing job work for all types and make of Transformers that are of class 10MVA, 66KV or less. Under the site overhauling services, we conduct inspection of all the parts & accessories, oil level, monitoring and testing of assorted electrical attributes of transformers. On the basis of inspection reports and tests, we carry out the required rectification, servicing and / or replacement procedures. The benefit of our site overhauling services is the reduced possibility of breakdown and increased transformer's life. We can provide these services anywhere in India.

Factory Service

OHM Sree Manikanta Electricals is providing factory services like factory overhauling, minor repairing, and major repairing for all types and make of Transformers that are of class 10MVA, 66KV or less. Herein, we also provide refurbishment services along with other specialized services such as conversion of voltage ratio, conversion or change of tap changers from off circuit to on load. In certain special scenarios, we can include tank mounted type to In-tank type job work under our factory serving in. To accomplish our services, we provide these along with assorted turnkey job which comprises activities like commission, dismantling, erection, installation, shifting and transporting.

A Bangalore based company, we follow same practices, plans, procedures and testing equipment to repair transformers, which are used in its manufacturing. For carrying out the ingenious work, we have a dedicated facility integrated with branded testing equipment.

Annual Maintenance Contract

OHM Sree Manikanta Electricals is providing Annual Maintenance Contracts as part of its initiative of preventive maintenance which will ensure trouble free operation and continuous power supply. Our AMC plans include periodic maintenance of all the equipments. These plans are offered in quarterly / annual basis, depending on client's requirements. In an year, total of 4 visits on-site are included in our contract.

Important Maintenance Points

1. For Quarterly Visits

I. R. Value check, To attend oil Leakage check magnetic balance, Inspection of HV & LV Porcelains, & metal parts checking of OTI, WTI, PRV, B. Relay, O.S.R, Radiators, Contact Surfaces at HV & LV side, Ventilation For cooling etc...

2. For Annual Visits:-

Taking out main Cover, Sludge Removing by oil jet, inspection of tap changer, conservator, oil Filtration for improving B.D.V. & I.R. Values.

Rental Services

At our Bangalore facility, we have a good stock of Oil Cooled Transformers in almost all ratings and voltage ratios. Hence, we can provide best renting solutions of these transformers to business as well as organizations. You can rent this equipment during the maintenance work of your existing transformers or its failure or an unexpected power cut.

Transformers available: - 315KVA to 1MVA, 11KV class, Primary; and 433V Secondary voltage.

Procedure for Availing Transformer Rental Services

  1. Specify the requirement of KVA; voltage ratio, type of transformer (Dry/Oil cooled), Terminal arrangement, Indoor / Outdoor use & site address
  2. Transportation, loading & unloading at site to be done by client
  3. Our service engineer will visit site at the time of commissioning
  4. Initial security deposit is to be Paid In Advance.
  5. Monthly rental changes are applicable
  6. After use the client has to return the transformer in healthy condition at our premises.

Emergency Repairs

When a replacement transformer is not available, absolutely no one can turn around your repair faster than OSMEC